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Our Brands

Our brands are some of Australia and New Zealands most loved, most consumed and well known. We are passionate about ensuring you have a great coffee experience whether you are out of home, on the go or in the comfort of your own home.

Atomic Coffee Roasters

Located in Auckland’s slightly grungy ‘new cool’ that is Kingsland, Atomic Coffee Roasters has long been supplying locals with their daily coffee fix. Established in Ponsonby in 1992, Atomic is one of Auckland’s coffee pioneers.

Two Atomic Espresso Bars are located in Auckland City, one in Shortland St – sufficiently caffeinating the legal community and the other in Gaunt Street at Wynyard quarter. They also teamed up with Rocket Espresso last year to create the first Rocket retail store & café in NZ.

As well as their own sites, Atomic supply beans to over 150 likeminded hospitality businesses throughout New Zealand, offering a range of blends and Single Origins to best suit each café’s individual needs.

It’s Atomic Coffee Roaster’s belief that a great coffee is the ultimate expression of all the hands that have made it. From the farmer who nurtures the plants, the roaster who develops the flavour, to the barista who extracts it. This is why Atomic is committed to supplying the best of the best, every step of the way.

Bruno Rossi

Live the moment. Italian style.

Inspired by Italy’s love affair for espresso, Bruno Rossi is rich, dark and handsome – everything a good coffee should be.

The Bruno Rossi range features blends that are tailored to suit New Zealand’s coffee culture while celebrating the Italian inspired heritage of this espresso brand.

Proud to be 100% Fairtrade Certified

Bruno Rossi blends are 100% Fairtrade certified and sourced from Fairtrade producers. Fairtrade coffee guarantees third world producers a better deal by paying a fair price for their beans, which covers the cost of production and guarantees a sustainable living.

It’s also about supporting producers by providing long term trading security and assisting in community development including housing, healthcare, educational and environmental programs. If you would like more information on Fairtrade, go to


Established in Wellington in 1990, L’affare is a pioneer of New Zealand’s celebrated café and coffee culture. An insatiable curiosity drives the company to search the globe in an effort to bring the best coffee to New Zealanders.

From humble beginnings, a fearless trailblazer passionate about sharing Italy’s love for the good oil with his compatriots, L’affare has grown into New Zealand’s largest specialty coffee company – roasting 500+ tonnes of coffee per annum and supplying hundreds of supermarkets and cafes nationwide. Consequently, its signature brew Primo is the most popular fresh coffee blend in the country.

In addition to its expansive new roastery and production hub in Wellington, L’affare operates two premium flagship cafés in Wellington and Auckland, and employs over 100 coffee enthusiasts across all three sites.

Robert Harris

The coffee that so many New Zealanders enjoy today began with one man’s obsession. Robert Harris was one of the founding fathers of fresh coffee in New Zealand, back in 1952. A true craftsmanship, he began blending  and grinding beans in his small deli in the Waikato, with a vision of creating great coffee for Kiwi’s.

Today, we follow his beliefs and passion for coffee, by being as hands on with the craft of roasting, blending and grinding coffee. Today, Robert Harris boasts a range of products across fresh and instant coffee, from whole bean and ground coffee to flavoured coffee and capsules formats. You can enjoy Robert Harris coffee in one of our cafes across the country or find it in your local supermarket.

Toby’s Estate

Toby’s Estate is a pioneering Australian specialty coffee roaster at the forefront of the industry, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of coffee globally with a focus on innovation, sustainability and knowledge.

By developing stronger and closer relationships throughout the world’s coffee growing regions, Toby’s Estate is able to develop, roast and share some of the most exclusive and unique specialty coffees available.

Partnering with a number of premium equipment manufacturers, Toby’s Estate ensures their wholesale cafes, roasters and distributors have access to state-of-the-art espresso machines, grinders and brewing equipment as well as under and over counter machines.

The founding passion to push the boundaries and create remarkable coffee remains the common motivation for the coffee enthusiasts that make up the team today.

Commitment to uncompromised quality and freshness is a shared obsession and is the reason why Toby’s Estate continues to be a highly-respected specialty coffee roaster.

Espresso Mechanics

Espresso Mechanics are a leading Coffee Equipment, Spare Parts and Service Provider, with over 50 years industry experience.

The team are passionate about all things coffee, and driven by core values of remaining reliable, responsive, knowledgeable and passionate.  Starting as a service company, technicians still remain the heart of the business today; from implementing service strategies, tackling any arising situation, to routine maintenance and corrective breakdowns; they help to find a solution for you. It’s not just about replacing parts in equipment; their technicians are connecting with your customers, knowing and exceeding their expectations,  and developing the trust that only comes with reliable service. With a National Service Presence, and on call seven days a week, Espresso Mechanics are available when your business needs a fix to keep the coffee flowing and customers happy.

Evolving from service only, Espresso Mechanics have become a one stop shop for your Coffee Equipment and Spare Parts supply needs. Understanding the importance of cash flow, the warehouse stores premium and speciality coffee equipment brands for distributors, roasters chains and QSR’s. Brands include Rex-Royal, Ditting, Marco and Brita, featuring exclusive distribution of Victoria Arduino and Nuova Simonelli products

The coffee industry is always evolving, bringing exciting changes to equipment and businesses all around. Espresso Mechanics are involved in the journey your business takes with these trends, and works with you to tailor custom solutions.

Mocopan Coffee

Mocopan has been an integral part of Australia’s coffee history for nearly 60 years, providing consistent, quality coffee to consumers by a team of passionate coffee experts. Their accumulated knowledge of one of the worlds fastest growing industries is vast; from the coffee farm to cup and everything in between. Mocopan are always learning and always developing to ensure their customers receive the best possible coffee experience.

Mocopan’s quality coffee blends are widely distributed to cafes, restaurants, espresso bars and coffee loving individuals. Barista training and quality espresso machines are also offered by the company to ensure customers can experience all the delights that Mocopan Coffee has to offer.



In 2002, we set ourselves a challenge – to create the best damn cup of coffee in New Zealand, and then, the world.

We know it’s an audacious goal, but through hard work (and slightly obsessive behaviour), we’re determined to get there.

Orb’s Coffee Philosophy

ORB’s symbol is inspired by the globe. And we genuinely do take a global, holistic approach to coffee creation.

We value every part of the journey, from bean to cup, respecting every small detail along the way. We knew that by understanding the science behind the craft, nailing the minute details that guarantee consistency and using the algorithms that deliver a divine extraction then we could create a final brew as near to perfect as anything could be. Like a perfect circle; or ORB, as the case may be.

Along the way our efforts haven’t gone unnoticed, having won the Supreme Award at the NZ Coffee Awards, not once, but twice.

The journey for experimentation still grips us as much as it did when it all began.  And the thing about science is – there’s always something new and exciting to explore and improve.

Luckily, we know just the guys to do it…